Sports and writing have always been an enormous part of my life. As I became older, I dreamed of being the one to tell those around me what is happening in the world of sports. Majoring in communication with a concentration in multimedia journalism and production and a minor in sports management has helped cultivate this dream and become a person who is ready to do anything.

I have become comfortable with programs such as Adobe Premiere, WordPress and Microsoft Office including Word, Powerpoint, Outlook and Excel. Along with those I have become efficient with social media through Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook.

During my time at the University of North Florida, I worked as a sports reporter for the student media Spinnaker. I also worked as the sports editor where being in charge of  a department has pushed me to be more assertive and organized.As I deal within the changing world of media, I am learning to compliment written stories with visual work though videos and photographs. I enjoy watching a game unfold in front of me and being able to explain what I witness to others through words and images.

My goal is to combine my passion for sports with my love of creativity. I am eager to learn and push myself to help those around me for the better.