Senior Internship

For the final semester at the University of North Florida I was an intern for WJCT News. As the news intern, I pitched stories, covered events, took photos and made audio recordings that was produced for the radio.  I produce either an article for the digital platform and a script for radio twice a week. At this internship, I also worked with the digital editor to post articles through the publishing system directly onto the site. For the radio broadcast side, I worked with several members of the news team to record interviews via phone conversations and also how to use my voice properly for the air.Throughout the internship I gained more confidence to pitch ideas along with creative angles for those that were assigned to me.

King Street Business Hit With Partial Street Closure Just Before St. Patrick’s Day Weekend 

King Street

For this article I interviewed business owners that were impacted by the partial closure of King Street. While during this article, I took photos for the digital platform slideshow. Along with the written portion and photo gallery, I completed a radio wrap that was embedded into the article. The audio portion was also played for the morning edition of 89.9 FM.

JTA Will Offer Autonomous Vehicle Test Rides During One Spark 


For this article I was able to get a first hand look at how an autonomous vehicle worked. Similarly to other produced articles, I took photos of the vehicle to be used for the slideshow for the public to see.To add to the article, I compile video clips of the vehicles in motion to be edited together for a short video that was embedded into the article. TH video was also seen through the station’s YouTube channel and their social media accounts.

PETA Comes to Jacksonville to Protest UniverSoul Circus Animal Treatment 


For this article, I worked with an videographer to report on the PETA’s protest against the UniverSoul Circus.  While working on this article, I took photos of the model and reached out to the UniverSoul Circus for comment. During the video process, I assisted the videographer with monitoring the audio levels.

Fla. Considers Making Daylight Saving Time Permanent; Neptune Beach Business Favors Idea

Daylight saving

I pitched this story idea during the editorial meeting to put a local angle on the proposed daylight saving time change. To make the article during for others that were already published, I looked for a creative source to add a more human element. I decided to interview local photographers that use the beach as a primary location for their clients’ photo shoots. Along with the text, I produced the photos that were used for the slideshow.